2022 Sinespace Anniversary Celebration (Updated)

Join us for Sinespace’s 6th Anniversary Celebration on November 25th, 2022. There will be music, fun, games and awards, and will feature our annual keynote speech by Adam. 

Voting is now open so cast your votes for the 6th Anniversary Awards here: https://app.sli.do/event/37HhaGL8w3RG3tWmFEGdxE/live/polls

Our schedule will run as follows:-

Georgina’s Quiz at 4:30 pm UTC

Let Georgina dazzle and amaze you with feats of knowledge! Or putting it another way, join Georgina and Richy for our light hearted music quiz and guess the next line of the song. The winner will receive 2000 gold and the runner up, 1000 gold!

Keynote with Adam at 6 pm UTC

Today’s main event, with Adam,  discussing the past year’s accomplishments in Sinespace and outline what’s to come in the next year. Adam always amazes us with insights into virtual worlds and technology.

Awards Ceremony at 7:15 pm UTC

The Sinespace Annual Awards in the following categories:

Best Region Builder Best Region Decorator

Best Fashion Creator Best Scripter

Best Guide/Greeter Best Looking Avatar

Best Event Host Best Gesture Creator

Each winner will receive a token of our appreciation to be displayed on their home region, and 5000 gold!


The nominations form can be found here: https://bit.ly/3tMJDve

The form asks for nominations in various categories. The nominating period will run until the 23rd of November.  At this point, staff will collate the nominations and put forward the top 3 in each category for formal voting.

Voting will begin on 24th November and will close DURING the anniversary event. Last-minute voting will be shown live in the Welcome Centre.

To vote use this link: https://app.sli.do/event/37HhaGL8w3RG3tWmFEGdxE/live/polls or visit the Welcome Centre and click the "?" button, top centre of screen.

Once the voting is closed, 30 minutes later will be the formal award ceremony announcing the official winners and the giving of the awards.

If you have any questions not answered here feel free to contact one of the Community Team.

UnoSi Challenge at 8:30 pm UTC

Are you a great UnoSi player or are you just a fun player? Join us to challenge staff members at the UnoSi tables and challenge yourself for a chance to win GOLD!

Music and Celebrations all through the day and into the night!

Did we mention the giveaways? Exclusive 6th Anniversary apparel and accessories will be given to all those celebrating with us.

Lesiar will be playing tunes while juggling balls and breathing fire (so he says), taking us into the night and closing our 6th Anniversary event. 

And it doesn’t end there because at 1am UTC, over at Ziggies, it’s the Jay & Nearly Silent Les DJ Show followed by the Country & Western Hoedown at Alaska, Mt. McKinley at 3am UTC. To visit these events click "Explore" and search for Ziggies or Alaska/

Written by Paul on Monday November 21, 2022