Master Class Episode 4: Makeup and Tattoos

This week's master class will be all about makeup and tattoo layers!

After your hair, tattoos and makeup add personality and uniqueness to everyday life, so why not add these to your avatar? This Friday, Adam will showing you how to use the layering system to make makeup and tattoos! 

The Master Class will be live on Twitch and YouTube this Friday 21st June at 9AM PST/12PM EST/4PM UTC, see you there!

Master Class Schedule for June - August

  • 28th June 9AM PST/12PM EST/4PM UTC - Animating Humanoids, Animation Controllers and Animation Overrides
  • 5th July 9AM PST/12PM EST/4PM UTC - Mood Lighting and Post Effects Stack
  • 12th July 9AM PST/12PM EST/4PM UTC - Shared Physics - Creating a beach ball
  • 19th July 9AM PST/12PM EST/4PM UTC - Musical Instruments - Synchronising a clothing item to the beat
  • 26th July 9AM PST/12PM EST/4PM UTC - Mixing it up - Making a playable musical instrument
  • 2nd August 9AM PST/12PM EST/4PM UTC - Taking a shot - The snapshot tool and how to make new poses, frames, cameras and filter

These will be live on our YouTube channel and Twitch.

A great line up! Stay tuned for more information on each topic!

Written by Hannah on Wednesday June 19, 2019

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