Major Sinespace Update: Expanded Free Features for All Users

Hi Sinespace Community,

Today brings some major news from our CEO, Adam Frisby. Sinespace has always been a place where creativity meets opportunity, and we're taking this a step further. While access to Sinespace has always been free, we're now making many of the features that were previously paid, available to everyone at no cost, along with introducing some incredible new enhancements.

Here's What's Changing:

  1. Larger Regions for Everyone: We've increased the default region size from 128Mb to a generous 2048 Mb. This upgrade opens up new realms of possibility for your projects.

  2. More Active Regions to Explore: You're no longer limited to just one active region. Now, you can manage up to 100, giving you a vast canvas for your creativity.

  3. Room for More Friends and Visitors: The maximum number of users in a region has gone from 10 to 200. This means bigger gatherings, more interaction, and a livelier community.

  4. Universal XMPP Login: To streamline your experience, XMPP Login is now available to all users, making it easier to connect and collaborate.

A New Limitation on Commercial Use:
As we expand our free offerings, we're introducing a new limitation. Sinespace will no longer be used for non-inworld commercial activities, like running external business operations or corporate training. For these purposes, we recommend Breakroom, our specialized platform. This change helps us maintain the long-term viability of Sinespace, ensuring that our community continues to flourish with these new free features.

Refunds for Annual Subscribers:
If you're an annual subscriber with more than two weeks left on your term, we haven’t forgotten about you. We'll be in touch soon with details about a refund for the remaining time on your subscription. We appreciate your support and want to ensure you're looked after during this transition.

Looking Ahead:
This is a significant moment for Sinespace, opening up even more possibilities for creativity and connection. We're excited to see how our community will use these new tools and spaces. Let's create something amazing together in this expanded Sinespace!

Written by Georgina on Friday November 17, 2023