Featured Item - The Bunnybag Beanbag Chair by Infinite Furniture

This charming, comfy hot pink bunny beanbag chair is the perfect accent for your home this Easter!

The Bunnybag chair is perfect for a children's bedroom, or any room where you want to insert a little whimsical fun!

Bunny Beanbag Chair

The chair comes with a relaxed, natural pose built into it, as shown (you cross and uncross your legs, and sometimes put your hand behind your head):


Here's a brief interview with the creator, Kub Infinite:

RYAN: How did you come up with the idea for your bunny beanbag chair?

KUB: It was around easter last year when I first made them. I was playing around with a sculpting program on the iPad called forger and had never really sculpted before but wanted to make a beanbag chair. Once I finished sculpting it, because it was close to Easter I just said to myself "Oh, it would be cute if they had lil' bunny ears on them".

RYAN: How long did it take to create your chair, and what tools did you use?

KUB: Not long really. Maybe 8-12 hrs in total. Technically speaking I sculpted it over the course of like a week, but it was my first time ever sculpting something and I was using an iPad App. Forger is awesome by the way if you have an apple pencil, for a 5$ app, it's pretty powerful. After sculpting though, I do a process called unwrapping in 3ds Max (laying out texture map) - and then creating the textures in Substance Painter. Last step for bringing it to Sinespace was just uploading it via unity and into the shop.

RYAN: What advice would you give to people who want to learn how to create content in Sinespace?

KUB: Ask questions, but also be open to the idea of thinking outside of the box. Your first step is to learn good 3d Modeling and game asset design practices. Rome wasn't built in a day, I have been 3d Modeling furniture in virtual worlds for over 10 years now - so have some patience with yourself. Strive to make your next project even bigger and better than your last.


The beanbag chair Kub created comes in seven colours to fit any home decorating scheme: pale blue, black, hot pink, white, rainbow, soft pink, and light green! Each Bunnybag chair is only 99 Gold each, so hop down to the Sinespace Shop and pick up yours today! 

Infinite Furniture has many other items available for sale in their shop to decorate your virtual home. Happy Easter shopping!

Written by Unknown on Monday April 6, 2020