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Creator Spotlight - Lykeios

This is our Creator Spotlight post! We'll be highlighting creators in our community who have caught our eye for their high-quality work. This week, we're showcasing the work of Lykeios,  who has been busy creating a bunch of wacky clothing items!

Lykeios has been a content creator for a couple of months now, working on clothing and accessories of the strange and wonderful variety. If you want to wear something which is out of the ordinary and just a bit quirky, then Lykeios is the guy to get your stuff from! If you like irony, he has a wide array of sloganed t-shirts which will make you laugh, and if you want to be really out there, you can get some outrageous pants!

He has made some animalistic skins which might just be your thing. Can I say ROAR!!

Check out all of Lykeios's creations in the Sinespace Shop, just search for Lyk-Art, and get your awesomely wacky clothing!

Image: 2017-09/1505908644_creator-spotlight.png

Written by Hannah on Thursday May 31, 2018


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