Celebrate Valentine's Day with us!

Fall in love with our fun events this Valentine's Day weekend

This Valentine's weekend feel the romance in the air with our lovely events for all of you. Throughout the weekend you will be able to grab a Valentine's Photo with your beloved in the Welcome Centre; strike a cute pose and upload the image to your social media or save it to your in-world album. 

Race around the track at Dessert Track to collect all the hearts and win a prize, this is active throughout the whole weekend too!

Here's the schedule for this weekend:

Saturday 13th February

Music with DJ Rosa @ Catacombs 2.0 hosted by DJ Rosa
10-11PM UTC/2PM - 3PM PST/5PM - 6PM EST

Join DJ Rosa in Catacombs live for Latin and classic rock. Have fun dancing and chatting with friends! Random gold give-away during this event to help prepare for other festivities and the rest of the weekend!

Pretty Woman/Handsome Man contest @ 381 Club hosted by DJ Yer
11pm - Midnight UTC/3PM - 4PM PST/6PM - 8PM EST

Kick-off Valentine’s weekend with a fun contest at the 381 Club! Pretty Woman/Handsome Man will pit your best outfits against others of your avatar’s same gender. 1500 gold for the best male and 1500 gold for the best female looks!

Sunday 14th February

Spread the Love @ Ziggies
Midnight - 2AM UTC/4PM - 6PM PST/8PM - 10PM EST

Spread the love at Ziggies with music, banter and fun; there will also be gold giveaways!

Carnivale Festival @ Catacombs 2.0 with DJ Rosa
10-11PM UTC/2PM - 3PM PST/5PM - 6PM EST

Celebrate Carnivale with DJ Rosa at the Catacombs! Come dressed in your most exquisite Carnivale outfits for a chance to win 2000 gold for 1st place, 1500 gold for 2nd place, or 500 gold for 3rd place

King and Queen of Hearts @ 381 Club hosted by DJ Yer
11PM - 1AM UTC/3PM - 5PM PST/6PM - 9PM EST

Calling all Kings and Queens to the 381 Club for this awesome, fun event! Dress in your best for this King or Queen contest! 1500 gold will be awarded to the best King, and 1500 gold will be awarded to the best Queen!

Monday 15th February

On the Boardwalk @ Welcome Centre
1AM - 3AM UTC/5PM - 7PM PST/9PM - 11PM EST

Celebrate Love with us! Join us on the Boardwalk in the Welcome Centre for random gold give aways, and maybe a bit of trivia as we celebrate LOVE!

If you want to join these events and aren't signed up to Sinespace, sign up now!

Written by Hannah on Friday February 12, 2021