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Creator Viewer - Release Notes 0.9.18


Hi everyone,

We've released a couple of hotfixes to the creator viewer branch today, the build is currently windows only, but macOS and Linux builds should be following soon. This is mostly a bugfix release, but read on for the full list of changes; expect another release soon which will contain a few more fixes which did not hit the release window for this viewer.

Update: Sorry! This incorrectly put the version number as 9.19 - it is actually 9.18.

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Written by Adam on Monday September 18, 2017

Viewer Update - Release Notes 0.9.05


Hi everyone, we've pushed an update to the live viewer channel today; it incorporates changes in the 0.9.05 and 0.9.01 creator preview viewers, and a couple of extra fixes, including most critically a fix for a crash bug on macOS systems with Intel GPUs.

To get the update - simply visit the download page, and grab the latest installer for your operating system.

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Written by Adam on Wednesday September 6, 2017