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Sinespace Summer Festival 2017 - August 19th & 20th

Sinespace Summer Festival 2017 - August 19th & 20th

Entertainment, Contests,  Music, Fireworks and Fun

| Tuesday August 15, 2017
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Hey everyone, 

You've heard we're having a big Sinespace Summer Festival 2017, for you to enjoy and celebrate what our creators and users have been up to over the past few months.

Come along and join an awesome weekend of carnival games, region tours, live music, contests and awards, fireworks, and places to hang out and meet each other.

Festival Opens Saturday 19th August at 17:00 UTC (13:00 EDT)

Festival Closes Monday 21st August at 03:00 UTC (23:00 EDT)

Here is the current events schedule, and  more details on the four contests (if you need the fireworks template/documentation, I've included a link to it in the competitions page,  or just ping me,

Sinespace Summer Festival 2017

Meet you upside down on the roller coaster!

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